In case You Are Wondering!

General Questions

What is dry cleaning? How do you clean my clothes without getting them wet?
 Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a solvent other than water. DryClean VIP K-Tech cleaning solvent, which is one of the newest and best brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning.
How do I know which of my garments can be dry cleaned?
Our dry cleaning professionals clean each garment according to its individual care label.
Do you preserve wedding gowns?
Our wedding gown preservation specialists carefully examine your gown to determine the most suitable method of cleaning. Throughout the process your gown will be inspected again and again. Your dress will be carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. Our sealed packaging allows you to view your gown and veil at any time, while protecting the gown from mold, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in an attractive, durable, long-term storage chest for additional safety.
How do your prices compare to the other Dry Cleaners in our area?
We aim to give you the best customer care and experience. That said, we value your hard-working dollars. Compared to many other home pick-up services, we tend to be more competitive in price.
What are your hours of operation?
Delivery service phones are answered 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday. However, the main store number is answered during normal business hours (See store hours link)
Do you do alterations? What is the turn-around time?
Yes! We have an expert seamstress and the turn around time is about 2-3 days. However, a rush delivery is possible, for an additional fee.
What kind of discounts or promotions do you offer?
Yes! Each month we have printable coupons on the website. Additionally, if you sign up for our email newsletter, then you will additional weekly specials, including “flash discounts!”

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Pick Up & Delivery

How do I pay for iny pick up service?
With each delivery, you will receive and invoice. Once a week, your on-file credit card will be charged according, minus any applied discounts and promotions, of course!

How do I know my credit card is safe?
We use ONLY PCI COMPLIANT software and storage system that encrypts the data up to payment card industry standards.

Is pick up & delivery really free?
Yes. No fine print!

How do I communicate special instructions for my garments?
Simply place the garment into a separate plastic bag with the note, and then place that into your normal pick up bag.
What are your service times?
Please refer to the route section (link) for up to date timings in your area.

How often do you pick up?
We pick up twice a week within our service areas. Please refer to the route section for additional, up to date, information.

What if I don't need dry-cleaning & laundry services every week? Do I call?
No. We will call/text you the day before and confirm that we will be in your area for pick up or delivery. Otherwise, you may call client support to request additional instructions.

Is there a minimum order?
No. There’s no minimum order.

How do I start?
Call the main number for pick up & delivery, and the client support specialist will ask you for you contact information and address, then let you know the next day we will be in the area!

What happens if it rains?
The weather is unpredictable and we will never intentionally leave garments in the rain.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?
Please contact us (link) and speak to our customer support specialist during normal business hours

Is the pickup and delivery service available on holidays?
We observe the six major federal holidays. Please contact us if you have a special request or a rush order during these times

Where should I leave my bags?
It is best to leave your bags in a covered area, that would not be exposed to the elements (i.e. unexpected rain)

What if I am on vacation?
Simply call or email us beforehand and we can note the account accordingly.

Can I still use coupons? Where do I put them?
Coupons are still accepted while using pickup and delivery service. Coupons should be securely placed inside of your personal laundry bag(s).

What areas do you service?
Please refer to the Route section for up to date locations and scheduling.

What if I do not have a bag for my first pick up?
That is ok. Simply use a disposable plastic bags and we will return a laundry and dry clean bag to you.